About us

The realization of a dream: to create an oasis of heath and well-being, where to produce real food, and respect the environment in all its facets. Following this dream, in 2005 a neglected farm was bought, which, with patience and hard work, was gradually restored to an extraordinary vitality.

Terms such as sustainability, biodiversity, respect for nature and all its inhabitants are part of the genetic heritage of the farm. The name "Le Spinose" (porcupines) indicates the presence and acceptance of one of the wild animals living in the area - together with wild boar, badgers, foxes, weasels, hares, hedgehogs and many others. Sometimes they do damage, which we try to limit in non harmful ways, as they must still be respected because their presence implies a vibrancy of the land. 


Born around the food needs of a family unit, the farm soon began to produce more than necessary, and the quality of its produce was gradually discovered by neibouring families and particularly attentive catering businesses.